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Neo Flow is a set of inlet and outlet with a transparent, high elasticity and compact design.

With its minimalist design, Neo Relievers can freely adjust the flow velocity and direction of the shoe.
Minimal size
Neo reliever has a diameter of 40mm and a thickness of 22mm(M) and 26mm(L).

Perfect flow rate reduction
Even when used without a wing, it lowers the flow velocity, but when equipped with a wing it is completely reduced.

Free flow direction change
You can freely change the direction of the water flow by using only one of the wings or by rotating the product.

Water flow can be customized
The water flow varies depending on the number of wings installed or the degree of insertion.
If only one wing is mounted, the water flow is formed in one direction.

Neo Skimmer offers the best oil film removal capability with minimal design.
Principle of oil film removal
The oil film that has passed through the Neo Skimmer is crushed very finely and loses its flotation.
Eventually, it enters the inlet of various filters and is biologically decomposed.

Why not?? Change it!!
It doesn’t take up space.
The largest product, L size, is only 4 cm wide and 4.5 cm high.

It connects to not inlet, but the outlet.
It don’t need electricity.
Based on Bernoulli’s principle, it uses the correlation between flow velocity and pressure.

It doesn’t trap creatures
Since it is located at the outlet, any creature that enters the skimmer is immediately discharged.

It’s easy to adjust
The ability to remove the film can be adjusted by moving the part up and down and rotating the left and right sides.

Aeration is possible.
Aeration is possible when setting high level