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Clear is a lab-certified medicine for treating the white feces disease found in crossbreed fish. White-poo normally caused by bacteria, protozoa and internal parasites.

How to use: The medication consist of yellow and white capsules. Mix the medication with water and inject the Clear solution entering the fish mouth.
Less than 10 cms: 1 yellow capsule, 1 white capsules and 1 cc water.
10 cms or bigger: 2 yellow capsules, 2 white capsules and 2 cc water.

The five consecutive days during the administration of the medication should change the water daily about 30- 50% and remove waste/feces too. On the 6th day try to feed the fish. When the feces color change is normal, medication can be stopped.

Caution: Do not use water volume more than recommended. The drug must be injected slowly, since it can knock the fish stomach.

Keep out of reach of children!