About Us

On February 14th, 2000 Aggies Aquariums doors were opened by the new and current owner Mark Walker, bringing over 30 years of fish keeping experience. Aggies Aquariums have a huge store which stocks the largest range of saltwater fish and corals on the northern side of Adelaide. We specialise in Native Australian Fish, Cichlids of all locations, frogs & Turtles. We have a large range of tropical, coldwater, marine fish and coral. Aggies Aquariums stock a huge range of quality aquarium products and accessories from the beginner to the advanced aquaria enthusiast. We also stock a full range of reptile products and accessories; and have a huge range of dry, frozen and live foods.

Our staff is highly experienced and trained, ready to provide advice and answer your questions to help you create an amazing aquatic display, whether you’re maintaining or setting up a saltwater fish, reef or freshwater aquarium.

At Aggies Aquariums you may notice that our staff asks more questions than at other aquarium stores. This is because we pride ourselves on providing the best advice possible so that you can not only have the most beautiful and entertaining aquarium, but also the most healthy. Like with many other hobbies, there are many options to choose from when setting up an aquarium or choosing livestock to keep. Questions regarding what type of aquarium you want to keep, what kinds of livestock you want to keep in it, and what your space and/or budget restraints are will help our staff to provide you with the best equipment and options of compatible livestock for the particular aquarium you want to keep. Making your aquatic environment healthier, which will then be easier to maintain.

Aggies Aquariums are committed to the success of your aquarium, just bring in a sample of water and we will test your water for FREE!